Dark Reflections Zero
1st May 2022, 2:00 AM in The End Is the Beginning Is the End
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Dark Reflections Zero
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Author Notes:
The massive website crash that took out all of our Exiern websites included Dark Reflections. Exiern, of course is at exiern.com and of course we will be restoring all the pages of the story as soon as we can once time becomes available.

We're going to upload one page a day here but if you want to catch the whole thing (and the subsequent branching off into the Chaos timeline), you can go to the link below:

Please note the site (TGComics) would likely be classed adult and hence NSFW based on its overall content.

Currently up to Page 131 as of the time of writing and the branching into Chaos and Zen (to date) will start from Page 45.

Dark Reflections: Chaos

The Patreon is slightly further ahead (and updates as we get completed pages as opposed to somewhere in the last five or so days of each month on TGComics). The entirety of Dark Reflections: Zen is available on the Patreon at the $1 tier and can be found by clicking on the appropriate tab and sorting by Oldest to newest if you want to read from the beginning.

More updates on the status of everything Exiern related as soon as we have them! Open access posts will be on Patreon and Twitter as well.